Did you know: All new deck construction requires a city building permit and             inspection??
Ledger Installation 
The Ledger Board is by far the biggest point of failure on many decks. The ledger is the main structural lumber that is bolted to your house. On almost every occasion this board is installed incorrectly resulting in not only deck issues but issues that cause MAJOR damage to your home! 

Most builders and contractors alike bolt the ledger directly over the siding!! A huge NO NO! Proper installation requires removing the siding, applying flashing to the structure of the house, attaching the ledger, applying drip edge flashing to the top of the ledger and reinstalling the siding AROUND the board. ​​
Damage to structure on a Derby home after improperly installed ledger was removed!!
The right way to install a ledger
Framing around a cantilever, bay area, jut-out or chase
Most Builders and contractors simply hang the ledger on these areas. Almost every single deck in Derby and surrounding areas have this problem! The issue is these overhangs that protrude from your home are NON load bearing and can actually sag or be pulled off the house over time! The proper way is to build AROUND these areas as pictured below.